Our Story

We are fortunate to live, work and play in a community just outside one of the largest, intact environments in the United States, the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE).  Noxious weeds on private lands threaten the recreation, ecologic and wildlife functions that we value on the GYE and surrounding lands.  State laws throughout the West proclaim that it is the duty and responsibility of all landowners to control noxious weeds on their land and property to protect the public’s greater interests.

We are experienced and passionate about controlling noxious weeds and restoring native plant communities.  From 2003 – 2017, we used traditional herbicides to control noxious weeds and found that we were effective at suppressing existing weeds, but new weeds frequently popped up in the bare ground left by the herbicides.   By combining mechanical removal and organic suppressants with seeding, we can establish native grasses to out-compete weeds for available space, sunlight, nutrients and moisture.  These integrated weed control methods are more effective than traditional herbicides; eliminate the risk of herbicide resistant weeds; and are safer for our customers, the environment and our employees.