Organic Weed Control Services

Why Organic and Natural Weed Control?

Our methods are environmentally safe; people, pet and livestock friendly; promote the establishment of healthy, native plants; deliver long-term results and meet USDA organic standards.

Unlike a typical weed control company that sprays herbicides to suppress weeds, we focus on the root of the problem by pulling weeds, seeding grasses and maintaining weed resistant native plant communities.

Our Weed Control Methods:

  • Hand pulling

  • Hand seeding

  • Organic suppressants for late season, perennial species and gravel area weed control

  • Biological agents to assist in controlling large monocultures

  • Noxious weed mapping services to identify problem areas and prioritize treatments

  • Transecting for early detection and eradication

  • Custom integrated plans to meet any budget

How much is it?

Treatments start at $230 for the first acre.  We can work with you to create a plan that fits your budget and goals.


We treat residential, municipal and ranch properties throughout eastern Idaho and western Wyoming.

Will you kill all my weeds?

We cannot get all your weeds with a single visit.  Weeds will continue to germinate throughout the growing season. The crew will get as many of your weeds as they can within your budgeted amount of time.  We target specific weeds with our various methods and timing of visits.  If we are pulling and seeding we will only be targeting annual and biennial weeds.  If we are spraying we will focus on perennials and also spray annuals, but the spraying only stresses the weeds and will not kill them entirely.

Perennial weeds

Perennial weeds are challenging to address with any method - they require a long-term commitment of time and resources.  Our methods repeatedly stress perennial infestation so native species have an opportunity to expand. The herbicide we use quickly breaks weeds down into beneficial soil nutrients, enriching the soil for the desirable species.  We may recommend re-seeding in areas with bare ground.

Expected Results

Our goal is to get and maintain low weed pressure, which can be primarily maintained by a healthy plant community that outcompetes the weeds.  Eventually our role should switch from removing weeds to monitoring and minimal labor to address outbreaks.There will always be some weeds - eradication is not realistic or feasible. 

We need your feedback if weeds are past your tolerance level so we can adjust your schedule and plan.

Weeds going to seed

Everyone hates to see weeds go to seed, but this is not a crisis.  The weed seedbank is already well established on your property, and is replenished every year from your neighbors, the rest of the valley, and everyday activities. A couple plants going to seed will not make an appreciable difference in your long-term weed control.  Perennial weeds spread primarily by their root systems, so we may recommend focusing your budget on your annual weeds and allowing the perennials to go to seed until the annuals are well controleld.

best Management PRACTICES

Intermountain Weed Control always:

  • Reduces seed spread by cleaning equipment and clothing prior to leaving a site

  • Uses the safest and most effective products and methods available

  • Focuses on long-term solutions by improving landscape health, not just treating a symptom

  • Recommends a custom plan to most effectively use your budget and address your weeds


Our seedmix is a custom blend of hardy, low-maintenance native perennial grasses that get established quickly without irrigation and stand the best chance of outcompeting weeds. We select species that have the best chance of success.


Please explore these resources if you have more questions, or contact us