Organic Weed Control Services


Hand Pulling - Hand Seeding - Pack Spraying


  1. Click the SIGN UP NOW button, enter your contact info and property address in the form, and we’ll send you an email with several plan options

  2. Choose the ORGANIC noxious weed control plan that meets your goals and budget

  3. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your noxious weeds are being controlled using USDA ORGANIC methods

Good for you, those you love & the environment

Our methods meet USDA organic standards and are people, pet and livestock friendly. Our approach protects your water supply and increases your property's soil organic matter, biodiversity and ability to sequester carbon. Unlike other weed control companies, we do not use single-use plastic containers.

Balanced with nature

We control noxious weeds by balancing weed suppression with the restoration of weed-resistant, native plant communities.

Science based

Our treatment solutions are based on management recommendations developed by Montana State University, University of Nevada, Colorado State University, University of California - Davis and the USDA.

How much is it?

Treatment plans start at $335 per year.  We can work with you to create a plan that fits your budget and goals.


We treat residential, open land and ranch properties throughout eastern Idaho and western Wyoming.

Invest in long-term results

Our goal is to get and maintain low noxious weed pressure on your property. Our methods establish and  maintain healthy, native plant communities that outcompete noxious weeds.  Eventually our role will switch from pulling and spraying your weeds to transecting and monitoring to address small outbreaks.

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